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Government Leases

In and around the DC metro area (the National Capital Region) are over 50 million square feet of space leased to the federal government through the GSA. Whether you are considering build-to-suit or adaptive re-use of an existing building for federal leasing, the core process for lease negotiations revolves around the facility needs of the tenant agency. Even if you already have a lease in place that is approaching renewal, the process still primarily focuses on the workspace needs of the agency occupying when the renewal terms require alterations or improvements. In other words, the boilerplate lease terms that stand alone regardless of the space, the agency, the use, etc. are fairly set. It’s all of the other lease sections related to the physical property that are affected by the agency requirements which must be carefully coordinated and well thought out.banner10The more knowledgeable you are about the specific tenant requirements the better positioned for preparing your lease offer and negotiating terms. Getting that information is not always as simple as it may seem. While GSA does take steps to articulate requirements for each workspace to be leased, the written descriptions are not always entirely clear and sometimes warrant more explicit language to adequately define the criteria and requirement(s). This obviously impacts your cost estimates. Once the project requirements are sufficiently described and documented, translating them into design within the context of existing conditions, whether they be site or existing building constraints, demands a high level of expertise and project management capability. Promaneer provides both to its clients well ahead of construction so that lease terms, costs, and funding match the expected delivery.

Go to and check code 531120 under NAICS to view opportunities for leasing commercial space to federal agencies.



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