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Construction Management

Construction Management (CM) is actually better defined within the context of the project delivery method. For instance, Agency CM (CMa) and CM-At-Risk (CMR) are familiar acronyms often used to refer to the roles of construction managers, but Owner’s Rep, Project Manager, and even Program Manager also perform construction management functions in very similar if not equated roles. The roles and responsibilities differ regardless of the title depending on how the project delivery is structured and how much is required on behalf of the Owner.

Owners recognize the need for a CM function on their projects for a variety of reasons, but are not always well-informed about how the role should fit into their particular set of needs, goals, and project definitions.

Click here for examples of project delivery methods and different CM roles.

In plain and simple words what an Owner fundamentally seeks from a CM for any project is:

  • Experience
  • Leadership
  • Trust

No matter how the scope of services are characterized or defined, these are the three essential requisites for the CM acting on behalf of the Owner in whichever capacity. Defining the scope and capacity, however, is predicated on a combination of factors that can entail services ranging from complete project-cycle oversight to just managing the construction-phase only.
At which points in the project cycle CM services are engaged by the Owner to a large extent delineates the parameters for the scope and responsibilities. As early as the inception stage or at the construction bidding stage, when should you integrate the CM? Too early on certain types of projects may be unwarranted, yet too late on others can be unsuccessful.

Communicating with you and your team to determine the most effective deployment relative to your resources and the project is the first step.
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